Finding a teacher for young students can be difficult.  Many guitar teachers are reluctant to take on early learners because a full size guitar can often be too big to hold and the strings too difficult for young students to push down.

One of the programs we've began offering are lessons specifically geared towards elementary age students.    We have developed lessons for the "guitale...

How are you making sure music lessons stick with elementary-age students? Here are 3 tips I've used to engage students during my guitar lessons.

Children under 10 often struggle to find a guitar that fits their small frame and hands. Finding the right guitar that accommodates their frame will help their passion for guitar last! Here are my top recommendations for guitar students under 10 years old!

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Hi, I'm Brent. I teach guitar lessons in Edmond, OK.

I care about sharing people's stories and passions. What if your story could ignite the fire within someone else who shares your interests? Let's tell your story together.

Guitar Lessons in Edmond, OK
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